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To make sure that the client is satisfied and to facilitate any necessary adjustments, you can prompt approval from the client, as well as verify their identity via e-signature. If a client is not satisfied, they are prompted to itemize the reasons. Documents prepared by your firm that the client has paid for and that are either approved or awaiting approval by the client are displayed on the Approvals subtab of the Docs section. Information regarding the status of the document is also available here.

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How to Request Approval

Requesting client approval is made during document upload. You need to select Firm prepared document for client destination to make the Request Approval toggle available.  

Using Electronic Signature

When requesting approval, you can require the client to prove their identity during the signature process. Alternatively, if you select Signature Not Required, they will not be required to do so.

1. Turn on the Request client approval option, then select the signature type. If the client is not married or filing separately, select Taxpayer Signature. If you would like both spouses to prove their identity, select Joint Signature.

2. Now enter the personal information of the client. Namely, their name, the last four digits of their social security number (or alternative identification number outside of the U.S.), and date of birth.

3. During approval, the client will be requested to provide matching information, which will be required to electronically sign the document.

During this process, the client's IP address, location, and any other pertinent information is time-stamped in line with the definition of an electronic signature under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

Please note that a client can opt out of electronic signature. In that case, you will receive a notification by email. The document will be marked as Approved in the system, but the audit trail will reflect that the client did not provide electronic signature.

Reminding a Client About Approval

Your clients always get an email notification when you send them a document which needs to be approved. However, sometimes the client may delay providing feedback.

You can add a reminder while uploading a document which needs approval. Once a reminder is turned on, we will send an additional email to a client if they do not approve your documents in time. Once a reminder is turned on, you can configure it: 

  • Inactivity Threshold days - Remind client after [ ] days of inactivity. By default, reminder is sent 3 days after document is uploaded.
  • Limit to - Send up to desired number of reminders. By default, client gets only 1 reminder email.

You can also send reminders for the pending approvals manually:

  1. Go to Docs > Approvals section, then click Request approval for pending button. 
  2. Review and edit the message for the client (optional), then click Send Request button.

Managing Client's Approvals

To manage client’s approvals, go to Docs > Approvals section. Only the files for which approval was requested are shown here. 

The following information can be found here:

  • Document name - The document’s title. An icon showing the document’s file type will appear next to the title.
  • Request date - The date that the client’s approval was requested. This date usually matches the document upload date. However, you can also request approval for a document that has already been uploaded by editing the document.
  • Uploaded by - The name of the team member who uploaded the document.
  • Description - A description of the document. This is usually added by the accountant when the document is uploaded into the system.
  • Status - The status of a document is represented by one of four colors: a grey icon means that the document is Pending Payment, a brown icon means that the document is Pending Approval, a green icon means that the document has been Approved by the client, and a red icon means that the document has been Rejected by the client.
  • Disapproved - If a client has disapproved a document, the date that the document was rejected will also appear.

How to See Which Clients Have Pending Approvals

You can easily filter your client list to see which clients have pending approvals. To do so:

  1. Go to Clients, then click the Filter button.
  2. Select Pending  in the Approvals section, then click Apply filter.

You will see the list of all pending approvals.  

Finding out why a Client has Rejected a Document

If a client is not satisfied with a prepared document, they may choose to include feedback explaining why. To view a client’s feedback, click on the document’s name or the eye icon. The client’s feedback will be displayed above the document’s content. 

While previewing the file, you can delete it, download it, or move it to another folder.

Click Close to return to the list of documents.

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