🧮 Bookkeeping: Initial TaxDome Setup

Greetings, Bookkeeper! Before transferring your clients to TaxDome, it’s a good idea to take several steps to set up your CRM. Even if you are already familiar with all these settings, we strongly recommend you read this article, because it contains information that applies specifically to bookkeeping.

Complete the general onboarding steps before you proceed so that you are familiar with the TaxDome basics.


Tip: Download this Simple Checklist to track your progress.

Covered here:


Goal: To create custom tags, CRM fields, and client folders that will help you in your everyday work.

Recommended steps: Do this right away!

  • Set up custom fields. These fields can include any custom data you are using when working with your clients: Company size, Industry, Custom name, Business name, EIN. You can use that info as shortcodes in messages, emails and other entities to save time and add a personal touch.
  • Export and import your clients in groups. The last piece of advice on setting up your CRM so that your practice runs smoothly is to create separate spreadsheets for each client group. When you are ready for the import, you should upload these spreadsheets one by one.

Tip: Check out TaxDome Academy for a comprehensive course on using TaxDome for Bookkeepers.

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