Docs (Advanced): Merge and Split PDF Files

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Learn how to combine multiple PDF files uploaded to TaxDome into a single PDF document or how to split one into separate parts.

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Merging PDF Files

PDF files can be merged by a firm owner, Admin, or any employee with access rights to manage documents.

1. Select the checkbox next to the documents you want to combine, then click the Merge button.


Note! Only PDFs can be combined. If you select other file types, you won’t be able to click Merge.

2. Rearrange your files in the desired order, then click Merge again.

3. Enter the name for the new merged document, then choose where you want to save it. If you selected several files from the same folder, the merged document will be saved to that same folder by default.

4. Click Next. Depending on the top-level folder you saved to, you might have the option to enable additional settings. For more about those settings, go here.

5. That’s it! Click Upload to save the new PDF. None of the original files will be deleted or changed, and the merged file will be added to whatever folder you selected.

Splitting PDF Files

You can split a PDF file into separate documents. Follow these steps:

1. Click the Document Editor button at the top of the document.

2. For the pages you don't need, select them and click Delete Pages.

3. Click  Save As at the bottom to download your new separate file.

Or click on Cancel to keep the original document as it was before the split.

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