Notes are intended for your staff only, they are not visible to clients. Store information that you will need to keep in mind while preparing documents inside TaxDome. 

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Creating a Note

A note can be created by a firm owner. It can also be created by a team member who is either assigned to the account or has granted the View All Accounts permission.

To create a new note:

1. Click on the +NEW button in the Sidebar, select Note

2. Click on Write new note and start typing. You can use text formatting, bullets, numbered lists, and also insert links.

3. That's it! Click on SAVE to add the note.

Archiving Notes

All notes can be either active or archived. All created notes are displayed in the Active tab. Once you no longer need the note, you can transfer it to the archive by clicking on the Move to archive icon.

You can also move the archived note to the Active tab by clicking the Move to Active link in the Archived tab.

To delete a note, you first need to move it to the archive. Next, go to the Archived tab and click on the Delete link.

Flagging a Note as Important

You can designate a note to be always displayed at the top of your list by clicking on the Pin icon. This is helpful if there’s a note you often refer to or the important one. If there are several notes pinned, they all will be displayed at the top of your list.

Editing a Note

To make changes to a note, click on the Edit icon, then make the required changes and click on SAVE.

Linking Notes to Jobs

Linking notes to jobs helps make them immediately available in your workflow when needed. Notes can be linked to jobs by a firm owner or any team member who is either assigned to the account or has granted the View All Accounts permission.

1. Click on the job to expand the job box, click  + Link at the top, then select Notes in the pull-down.

2. Choose the note(s). You can link any notes that were previously created for the client’s account. One job may have any number of linked notes.

Once notes are linked, you can see them in the Notes section in the expanded job box. Click the cross icon to unlink unnecessary notes.

Note that Notes are different from Job Notes. Job notes are created inside a job and are visible only inside it. Unlike them, Notes are created inside an account and could be linked to any number of jobs for this account. 

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