Zapier integration (Basic): Connect, make a Zap, disconnect

Thanks to Zapier integration, you can synchronize TaxDome contacts with your favorite applications so that your data always stays relevant without doing a double-entry in various systems. And this way, you’ll just need to make changes in one place, and all the linked applications will be simultaneously updated. 


Tip! We've already created Zapier templates of popular integrations with TaxDome. Please check the TaxDome Integration page on Zapier!

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Can I use Zapier with XXX application?

The way Zapier works is it allows two applications that don't have a native integration to talk to one another through 'triggers'. We support Zapier, and if your application does, then they can work together. If you go to the Apps Zapier page you can look for your app, add connection to it, and see what triggers they have there.

Connecting to Zapier

To begin, connect your TaxDome and Zapier accounts. This can be done by a firm owner or admin.

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations from the left menu bar, then click the Connect button in the Zapier tab.

2. Log in to your Zapier account, then accept the invite to use the TaxDome app on Zapier.

Making a Zap

Start creating your first Zap, which is a connection between two applications. In this case, you are connecting TaxDome to another application of your choice.

1. Click the MAKE A ZAP button which is available on any page of your Zapier account, then name your connection.

2. Go through the first step ( When this happens …) by choosing TaxDome from the app list, and then selecting which event you want to act as trigger. Currently, three kinds are available:

  • Update Contact: The trigger happens when a contact is updated on TaxDome.
  • New Contact: The trigger happens when a new contact is created on TaxDome.
  • Delete Contact: The triggers happens when a contact is deleted from TaxDome.

For example: You have a Google spreadsheet with all your contacts on it. You want it to update automatically whenever you add a new contact to TaxDome. In this case, you would select the New Contact trigger.

3. Click CONTINUE. Now, you will be asked to connect your TaxDome account. When you click Sign in to TaxDome, you will then be asked to enter your TaxDome credentials.

4. Now, authorize Zapier to use your account.

5. Go through the second step ( Do this …) by choosing the app that you want to create a connection with (e.g., Google Sheets), selecting an event (e.g., Create Spreadsheet Row), then clicking CONTINUE.

6. Sign in to your Google Account, then select the spreadsheet and worksheet you would like to be automatically updated.

7. Match the spreadsheet columns with the TaxDome contact fields, then click CONTINUE.

8. Test your connection by clicking on TEST & CONTINUE, then turn the Zap on. Now, all of the contacts that you add to TaxDome, will also be added to your Google spreadsheet.

Disconnecting from Zapier

To disable Zapier integration, go to Settings Integrations from the left menu bar, then click the REVOKE button in the Zapier Integration section of the Zapier tab.


Note! Once you have disconnected, all your existing Zapier connections that use the TaxDome app will stop working.

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