Workflow (Basic): Bulk actions

In the Workflow section, you'll find the TaxDome tool for handling many clients' needs simultaneously. Instead of doing things one by one, you can select several clients and apply the same action to all of their accounts. This is a faster and more efficient way of getting things done.

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How to perform bulk actions

You can perform bulk actions in the Jobs, Tasks, and Job recurrences lists inside the Workflow section. The process for selecting them is the same: open the jobs, tasks or job recurrences list, choose a few or all  Jobs, Tasks or Job recurrences, and then apply the desired action.
More on each list below. 

Jobs bulk actions

Go to the Jobs page and select the jobs to which you want to apply an action in bulk. Here, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Archive/Make active. On the Active tab – click Archive to archive the selected jobs. On the Archived tab – click Make active to unarchive the selected jobs. More on archiving jobs.
  2. Edit. Edit multiple jobs. More on bulk-editing jobs.
  3. Export. Export the selected jobs. You'll receive an email when the export has been completed. More on exporting jobs.

Tasks bulk actions

Go to the Tasks page and choose the tasks for which you want to perform a bulk action. Two types of actions are possible here: 

  1. Edit. Edit selected tasks. More on bulk-editing tasks.
  2. Export. Export the selected tasks. You'll receive an email when the export has been completed. More on exporting tasks

Bulk actions for job recurrences

Go to the Job recurrences page and select the job recurrences for which you want to perform bulk actions. You can perform three actions here:

  1. Edit. Edit selected job recurrences. More on editing recurrences
  2. Export. Export the selected job recurrences. More on exporting recurrences
  3. Remove. Delete the selected job recurrences. More on deleting recurrences from a schedule
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