Big firms (Basic): Regular audit processes

If you own or work at a large firm with hundreds or even thousands of clients, you probably have an admin who regularly audits your automated processes to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here, we show you what an admin might regularly check and do.


Tip: Create recurring tasks for your admin for each audit process you want them to perform.

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Email-sync check

Every client should have Email Sync toggled on so that any email they send is available in their account profile for all assigned team members. 

Even if the team member in charge went on vacay, another team member would still be able to check the account email.

To make sure clients have email sync on:

  1. Go to the Info tab in the account profile.
  2. Check that Email Sync is toggled on.

To find out more about email sync, go here

Account-assignee check

Team members are limited as to what they can do on TaxDome until they actually have access to one or more accounts. So it’s important to make sure team members have the access to accounts and access rights they need to do their work.

Generally, team members are assigned to accounts as new ones are created. However, if you need to assign a team member to an existing account, here’s how: 

  1. Go to the Info tab of the client account, then select the Team subtab.
  2. Add team access to one or more team members here.

For more details about account access, go here

If you use the  Update Account Access automation in pipelines to assign accounts to team members, those pipelines should be checked regularly. Temp staff, for example, might be processing tax returns during tax season and would need to be added to the automation. 

Pipeline-availability check

A team member doesn’t necessarily have access to a pipeline that contains a job for one of their client accounts; they must be added to the pipeline in the Available to field first. Whenever a firm gets new team members, they should be added to all the pipelines they’ll need access to. 

Here’s how: Open the pipeline you want to add one or more team members to, then add them in the Available to field. For more details, go here.


Tip: When you want team members to have access to a task or job template, add them to the Assignees field.

Signing-priority check

If you’re using e-signature for tax returns or any other documents that require two signers, make sure that the clients have the proper signing priority. This is especially important for new tax clients filing jointly. 

  1. Go to the Info tab of the client account, then click the Signer priority link in the Contacts section.
  2. Review the signing priority, make any necessary changes, then click Submit.

For more details about signing priority, go here.

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