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We value direct communication with our users. Your feedback and comments provide us with lots of inspiration. While we are on various social platforms, we’re most active on Facebook. Here, find out how to get involved in our social media communities!

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TaxDome on Facebook

Our TaxDome page on Facebook is our primary home. On FB, we share feature announcements and updates, new blog posts and important company news. Follow us to keep posted. 

To actively and efficiently communicate with our users, we created two groups:

  • TaxDome Trial: This is the place to start. Newbies discuss TaxDome features during the TD trial period (14 days after the registration). You provide feedback; we collect it. We also share essential tutorials on how to start using TaxDome.
  • TaxDome Community: This is for paid subscribers. Here, we answer your questions and discuss your ideas. Users share knowledge and tips.

You can get to the TaxDome community right from your portal. Click the question mark help button on the top right of your screen, then select Join FB Community

You can also get there from the Mobile app. Tap the question mark help button on the top right, then choose Join community

How to Get Into the TaxDome Trial Group

Ask to join by clicking Join Group on our Facebook page!

You’ll need to provide the answers to two questions:

  • What email address did you use to sign up for TaxDome?
  • How many people work at your firm?

Our team will check the answers and get back to you within a day.

How to Get Into the TaxDome Community Group

Go here to get to our FB page. Our team checks to see if you qualify. Within a business day, you’ll receive a reply. 

You’ll need to follow the guidelines and provide the following:

  1.  The name of your business/practice
  2. The email address you use to log in to your TaxDome account

Only paid subscribers are allowed to join.

If you are still doing the TaxDome trial, join our trial community!

Communication Guidelines

✅  Do: Ask questions and write feedback about TaxDome features

❌ Don’t: Report bugs or request new features. We have special processes for both:


Heads-Up: We don’t address private messages. If you do send one, you’ll receive an auto-reply. Instead, please contact our support team!

TaxDome on Instagram

Visit us on Instagram too! Follow us to see news, updates and info about upcoming events. 

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