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Sync TaxDome service-specific data (services, rates, quantities and categories) with QuickBooks. To learn how to set up QuickBooks synс, go here.

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Syncing services to QuickBooks

Once you've set up the QuickBooks integration, all services you have in TaxDome will be automatically synced with your QuickBooks Services and display the same account amounts. You can also sync services manually or even copy them from QuickBooks.

How automatic sync Works

Services added to TaxDome after the integration (except those you copy from QuickBooks) will appear in the QuickBooks account you choose in the Service settings section. The Uncategorized Income account appears there by default if you also have it in QuickBooks. Otherwise, line items will be synced with the Sales service in QuickBooks.

To set up such an invoice, go to Settings > Integrations from the left menu bar, click on the QuickBooks tab, then select an account from the Service income account drop-down and click Save.

If you have sync issues related to services, you still can review and fix them. Here's more info on fixing errors.

Syncing services manually

You can manually sync services with Not synced, Failed and Skipped statuses. To do so, go to the Active subtab of the Services tab of your Settings and click the three dots to the right of the service, then select Sync service to QuickBooks.

Sync status

To check the sync status of your services, go to the Templates > Services from the left menu bar.

In the QuickBooks column you will see the sync status:

  • Synced: the service is successfully synced
  • Not synced: the service is not synced. You can manually sync it from the three dots menu.
  • Syncing: the service is being synced. This process takes time.
  • Failed: a sync error has occurred. Hover your mouse over the status icon to see the error text, then fix it.
  • Skipped: sync was skipped for this service. Delete and recreate it to resync.

Copying services from QuickBooks

If you already synced your account with QuickBooks, import the services that you have there to TaxDome. Here’s how:

1. Go to Templates > Services from the left menu bar, then click Copy from QuickBooks.

2. Select the services you want to copy, then click Save. Sort your list to find certain services faster.

TaxDome and QuickBooks corresponding terms:

QuickBooks TaxDome
Service Item Service Name
Sales Price/Rate Rate
SKU Rate Type (only hour/item types are copied)


  • If the name of the service matches the one on TaxDome, it won’t be copied; change the name either on TaxDome or in QuickBooks for it to copy.
  • Services with negative rate values won’t copy; make the value positive in QuickBooks for it to copy.
  • Service categories aren’t copied.
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