CPA Charge Integration (Basic): Add eCheck (ACH) Payment Processing


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An eCheck is an electronic version of a paper check that has a different payment-processing time. Check processing requires payment of a fee per check, but it is not based on the amount of the check (see CPACharge Payment Processing Fees for more). With an eCheck, money is electronically transferred from the payer's checking account and directly deposited to the seller's account, after passing through the ACH network.

To add ACH payment processing to your TaxDome account, you should have an ACH (eCheck) account in your CPACharge account.

All new CPACharge firms are onboarded with an ACH (eCheck) account by default. Firms that have already registered with CPACharge before the release of the ACH feature can manually add it (follow the guide provided by CPACharge or contact CPACharge support).



  • If you have already set up the CPACharge integration with TaxDome and now want to use ACH, reconnect with CPACharge (first disconnect, then connect with CPACharge once again).
  • You have the option to customize the CPACharge payment form by selecting additional fields you want to be required to be filled when a user makes a payment.
  • Go to the Payments subtab of the Integrations section to choose which payment methods you would like to use: credit card, ACH, or both. This can be done only by a firm owner or admin.

When you select both, you’ll be able to specify the preferred payment method for each invoice you issue or let the client choose.

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