How to Auto-Add Jobs to Pipelines via the Client Sign-Up Form

Customize your client sign-up form so that jobs get added to pipelines based on the answers clients provide during their registration. 

To do this, you’ll need to use multiple-choice questions, then link all the possible answers to specific pipelines. If a new client, for example, answers a question by selecting Payroll, a job automatically gets added to the Monthly Payroll pipeline.  

1. Go to Settings, then Firm Settings. Open the Client Signup tab, then select the checkbox next to Start jobs and trigger automations based on client signup answers.

2. Enter the question that should show up on the sign-up page, click on the Add answer link, then add all the answer options needed. The client won’t be limited to just one answer but be able to select all that apply. 

3. For each answer you’ve entered, select the relevant pipeline where the new job should be automatically created. If you don’t want to select a specific pipeline for some of the answers, leave the fields empty.

4. Select the template for the automatically created job or leave the fields empty. Read more about job templates here.

5. That’s it! Click Save.

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