Proposals List (Basic): View, Sort, Search

TaxDome gives you many tools to manage and track your clients' proposals or engagement letters. You can access all your proposals at once or just those for a specific client. You can sort and search them—and more.

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Your Proposals & ELs page

Proposals are available to the firm owner, admin, and any team member with Manage proposals access rights.

To see proposals across all your client accounts, go to Billing > Proposals & ELs from the left menu bar.

To view proposals for one client, go to Clients > Accounts from the left menu bar, select the account, then go to the Proposals & ELs tab. In the green circle next to the tab name, you can see the number of pending proposals & ELs.

On the Proposals & ELs page, you will see the following columns:

  • Name: click on it to see the proposal.
  • Status: if all users haven’t signed, the status of the proposal remains Pending. If all have signed, the status is Signed. Click the name of the signed proposal to see the signatures and the date and time stamp.
  • Payment: the payment method selected for the proposal with the invoice. Can be either CardBank debit, or both.
  • Auth: the payment authorization type selected for the proposal with the invoice. Can be Auto for automatic or Manual.
  • Invoicing: shows the invoice type sent with this proposal. Can be One-time, Recurring or empty, if there were no invoices. For a signed proposal without an invoice, click the Create invoice link to issue one.
  • Date: this shows the date and time the proposal was created or last updated. All changes are saved in real-time.
  • Signed: the first figure shows the number of contacts linked to the account who have signed the proposal; the second, the total number of signatories required.

Customizing your proposals list

You can customize your proposals list in different ways. You can resize, enable, disable and move columns to your liking.

You can customize the size of each column. To do so, click and hold the divider between column names and resize it by moving your mouse.

To set up the columns you want displayed in the time entry list, click the gear icon at the top right of the table.

Here, you can select the columns you want to display. You can enable, disable or move any column you want, except for Client and Name, which can't be moved. After you click Apply, the table will be rebuilt with new columns.

Clicking  Reset will display all columns.

Filtering proposals list

Filters help you find specific proposals and engagement letters within your proposals list based on certain criteria. For example, you can find all proposals with the particular creation date or all proposals pending client signature. Learn more in the detailed article on filters.

To filter your proposals list, click  Filter at the top left and select the filter and the parameter:

  • Selecting is/in will display accounts that contain the value selected in the filter
  • Selecting is not/not in will display all accounts that don't contain the value selected in the filter

Here are the different filters you can apply:

  • Team shows proposals for which specific team members are responsible
  • Status lets you find proposals that have been Signed (signed by all users), Partially signed (signed by at least one person) or Pending (not signed).
  • Services shows proposals with certain services
  • Payment authorization shows proposals with Automatic or Manual payment authorization
  • Amount shows proposals with the exact amount of invoices they include
  • Date created shows proposals that were created TodayLast weekLast monthLast quarterLast year or on any custom date
  • Date updated shows proposals updated TodayLast weekLast monthLast quarterLast year or on any custom date
  • Account tags show only proposals for accounts with specific tags
  • Account name lets you find proposals for certain client account

Searching proposals

To find specific proposals, type a keyword in the search field — a proposal name — then press Enter on your keyboard. 

Click  X in the search field to clear it.

Sorting proposals list

Sort proposals by client, name or date. Click the up-down arrows next to the chosen column name to sort the list. The sorting option can also be applied after searching proposals.

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