Subscription Payment: What Are Your Options?

You can pay your TaxDome subscription either by credit card or bank debit. This article gives you all the detailed instructions you may need.

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Paying by credit card

To pay your subscription by credit card, you need to select this payment type on the Enter payment details page:

To proceed, select the Card option and enter the following details:
  1. Card number
  2. Card expiration date
  3. CVC/CVV (the three-digit number on the back of your card)
  4. Your country
  5. Your zip code
Then click Submit payment. Depending on your bank, you may be also required to complete 3D-Secure verification.

Paying by bank debits

TaxDome offers a variety of ways to pay for the subscribtion by bank debits:

Paying by US bank debits

To pay your subscription by the US bank debits,  select the US bank account on the Enter payment details page:

To proceed, enter your  Email and Full name and then you've got two options:

  • Select your bank and continue entering all the required details on its website via the Stripe payment provider.
  • Or, click the Enter bank details manually instead link at the bottom of the sidebar and type in your Routing numberBank account number and other required details, then click Submit.

Once done, click Submit payment, approve the payment by entering the 6-digit code from your bank statement and click Verify and pay

To proceed in TaxDome, reload your firm's page.

Paying by SEPA Direct Debit


Note! This payment option is exclusively for firms in the EU countries where the Euro is the official currency.

To pay your subscription by the SEPA Direct Debit, select SEPA Debit on the Enter payment details page:

To proceed, enter the following information:

  • IBAN
  • Email
  • Full name
  • Country
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City

Once done, click Submit payment and reload your firm's page.

The processing time for payments can extend up to 14 business days. In the event of a payment failure, you will receive notification via email and an orange status bar will appear at the top of your portal. During subsequent attempts to charge the account, you will be provided with a grace period of 14 days.

Attention! If all attempts are unsuccessful after the grace period, you will lose access to the account. Please reach our support team for assistance.

Getting invoices

To access your subscription invoices, go to Settings > Team & Plans, open the Invoices tab and click the Download invoice on the right or print it by clicking the printer icon.

Here, you will find all the invoice details:

  • Invoice number: Each invoice has a unique number.
  • Description: A memo about the contents of the invoice, e.g. 'Subscription renewal'.
  • Status: An invoice can be Paid or Unpaid.
  • Date: The date the invoice was issued.
  • Amount: The amount of the invoice.

Is my payment info saved?

Your payment info is securely saved for future payments and automatic subscription renewal. TaxDome uses Stripe, a trusted and PCI-compliant payment processor, to handle payments. Stripe encrypts and carefully stores bank details, ensuring the highest level of data protection.

You can easily manage your payment methods. 

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