Academy Certification

Get TaxDome Academy certification to validate your skills, keep up-to-date with new features, and maximize the value you and your clients get out of TaxDome.

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Why you should become a TaxDome Certified Advisor

Completing all TaxDome Academy courses means that you've gained the expertise needed to maximize the cost-efficiency of using TaxDome in your practice. Firms using TaxDome save an average of $18,600 per employee per year.

Validating your expertise and earning badges allows you to be listed as a Certified Advisor in Advisor Directory, so that you can boost your outreach and attract new leads.

Manage your team efficiently (automate and save up to 40 hours per month per employee) and gain authority by helping your peers take advantage of TaxDome automation features to increase the efficiency of running their practice.

Certification levels

There are three main levels:

  • Level 1 — TaxDome Certified Advisor: Complete all the basic TaxDome Academy courses
  • Level 2 — TaxDome Certified Advisor: Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Preparer: Complete all courses for Level 1 certification + obtain at least one industry-related course certification
  • Certified Consultant: Complete all courses for Level 2 certification  + complete the course and quiz for consultants

Download and follow our Academy Certification Checklist to keep track of your progress.

Once you meet the requirements, we will contact you via email for the information we need to add you to the Advisor Directory and send you the embed code for your badge. Embed it on your website, LinkedIn page or in any other social media, and the badge will be visible to your clients and peers. More on that below.

Below are the details about each level.

Level 1: TaxDome Certified Advisor

Finish all the TaxDome Academy courses (except for industry-related ones) to learn TaxDome’s building blocks and moving parts. This certification level will give you (and your temporary hires) sufficient expertise to successfully put TaxDome’s features to use in your practice.

The courses you need to complete:

Level 2: TaxDome Certified Advisor: Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Preparer

Finish all the Level 1 TaxDome courses + at least one industry-related course: Bookkeeping, Payroll or Tax Preparer. This certification level will help you use TaxDome’s automation capabilities and streamline your business processes.

The area-specific courses you need to complete:

Level 3: Certified Consultant

Finish all the Level 2 courses and a special course for consultants + quiz for consultants. This certification level will be useful for tax professionals willing to earn extra for their expertise. Help your peers grow by implementing TaxDome and improving the way they run their own practice.

How to add a certification badge to your website

Display the badge on your homepage, in your marketing materials, or wherever you'd like: 

  1. Copy the badge link inside the email.
  2. Go to your website's content management system (CMS) or editor where you want to insert the badge.
  3. Find the place on the page where you want to add the badge.
  4. Insert an HTML image tag using the badge link you copied. The tag should look something like this: <img src="PASTE_THE_BADGE_LINK_HERE" alt="TaxDome Academy Badge">
  5. Preview your website to ensure the badge is displaying correctly. Make any necessary adjustments to the size and placement of the badge.
  6. Once you're satisfied with the placement and appearance of the badge, save or publish the changes to your website.
  7. Your TaxDome Academy badge is now proudly displayed on your website, showcasing your certification to visitors.

If you don't have access to your website source code, ask technical support to help or contact the creator of your website.

How to add a certification badge to your social media

Display the badge on your social media profiles. Let's make an example of how to add a badge to your LinkedIn page:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Click a plus icon inside the Licenses & certifications section
  3. Fill out the fields with your name, issuing organization (TaxDome), issue date and expiration date (one year)
  4. Leave the Credential ID field empty
  5. Insert a link to your badge into the Credential URL field
  6. Click Save

That's it! Share it with your connections to keep them updated on your achievements.


Here we've gathered frequently asked questions and answers:

Is certification free? 
Yes, and we plan to keep it that way

Why do I need certification? What’s in it for me? 
The certificate allows you to validate your TaxDome expertise. You also get listed as a Certified Advisor in the Advisor Directory so that you can attract new clients. In addition, as a TaxDome Consultant, you can get paid for consulting your peers.

For how long is the certificate valid?
It is valid for one year. After that, you should refresh your expertise by taking a crash course on all the updates released throughout the year and completing a short quiz. Stay tuned for announcements on annual renewals of certifications.

Is it mandatory to renew my certification? Will my badge still be valid if I don’t renew it?
It is up to you to get certified again, as the badge is only valid for one year. You should renew annually. Subscribe to our Facebook community to follow the news on this.

Do I get anything other than a badge embed code?
Yes, if you meet the promotion timeline, you will receive an awesome gift pack from TaxDome!

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