What Is TaxDome Academy?

TaxDome Academy is a free learning hub that provides you with the tools to create your ideal workflow and improve your productivity.

What you’ll learn here:

How TaxDome Academy Can Help You

TaxDome Academy is a digital space designed to help you speed up your learning curve with TaxDome. By taking Academy courses, you can learn particular features at your own pace -- as well as how to customize TaxDome to best suit the unique needs of your practice. The goal of the Academy is to provide you with a curriculum that gives you total command of TaxDome so that you can achieve the ultimate workflow.

Courses at TaxDome Academy consist of lessons with graphics, videos and fun quizzes to test how much you’ve retained. Once you ace a test—we know you will!—you receive a course-completion certificate. Yay, you!

Currently, we offer:

How to Sign In to TaxDome Academy

First, log in to your TaxDome portal, then follow these steps:

1. Click the TaxDome Academy banner at the bottom of the sidebar of your TaxDome portal (after your first month with TaxDome, the banner is blue) OR

Click the TaxDome Academy link in the  ? menu of the top right.

2. If you are accessing the Academy from the TaxDome portal, you are already logged in. If you are accessing TaxDome Academy directly, click the I already have an account link and log in with the email address and password you use for logging into TaxDome:

3. Select the course you want to take and start learning!

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