How to Take TaxDome Academy Courses

Hi there! Welcome to TaxDome Academy. Are you ready for a quick tour of how our courses work? We hope so! This one will be quick and easy.

What you’ll learn here:

How to Take Our TaxDome Academy Courses

This is the starting page where you choose your TaxDome course. Seems like you haven’t had any trouble so far—because you’ve already opened this one. Great job!

How to Get Started

Let’s start by first getting you acquainted with the controls:

  1. Watch your progress in the course here—it’s now at 0%, but as you move through the course the percentage increases according to how much you’ve accomplished.
  2. The left dashboard shows you which part of the course you are in.
  3. Nearly all imaged in our courses contain blue dots. They’re magic. Just hover your cursor over them for an explanation to be displayed.
  4. We design our courses to be comprehensive, so we use lots of video. To start watching, click Play in the bottom left of the video. If you want to hit pause, click there again.
  5. At the end of each lesson, you’ll see a Next Lesson button. If you think you’ve mastered the lesson, click for the next one. Either a quiz to test your knowledge or the next lesson will then appear.

How to Take a Quiz

Our quizzes tend to be straightforward multiple choice questions—and hopefully even fun! Give them your all so you can progress.

  1. Read each question carefully.
  2. Select the answer you believe to be correct.
  3. After you select an answer, click Next or press Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard.

Once you pass a quiz successfully, you are taken to the next lesson. If not, you are offered to give it another shot.

These are the basics of TaxDome Academy. We hope you’re eager to get started and wish you good luck!

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