TaxDome Consultant Program

The TaxDome Consultant Program allows TaxDome experts to get paid by providing advice on how to set up and use TaxDome to current and potential users of our system. Let's explore how that program works and what's the best way to participate.

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What is a TaxDome consultant?

Consultants are existing TaxDome customers, agencies, accountants, educators, or trainers with solid expertise and hands-on experience in setting up the system. Every consultant is someone who demonstrated technical competence relating to the use of TaxDome and got certified.

Consultants work with stakeholders and provide you with various types of assistance, such as:

  • A tailor-made service to set up your account and processes
  • Help you define your internal firm processes and optimize them using the power of TaxDome automation
  • Create and set up custom-made templates
  • White-label your website

All negotiations between consultants and their potential clients are independent of TaxDome. Consultants receive payment for their services directly from their customers. 

TaxDome promotes consultants for free and lists them in a dedicated directory available for new clients. Furthermore, consultants get unlimited and free access to TaxDome educational options: exclusive support, one-on-one sessions with our team, Academy, webinars, help articles and tutorials.

We also value the win-win situation created by the TaxDome Consultant Program for all parties so we provide customers with the Consultant Feedback form.

How to become a consultant

If you want to earn income by sharing best practices and helping practitioners automate their practices, utilizing TaxDome to its full potential, follow these steps:

  1. Take all the TaxDome Academy courses to deepen your proficiency in our platform
  2. Complete the TaxDome Consultant Academy course and pass the consultant certification exam (for the US or consultants from Europe) to confirm your knowledge of TaxDome services, values, policies, consultant guidelines and sales recommendations
  3. Get a TaxDome Consultant badge
  4. Get listed in the Consultants directory

One additional crucial requirement is being an active TaxDome user, which implies maintaining an active TaxDome subscription. If your subscription expires and is not renewed, you will be removed from the list of certified consultants.

The TaxDome Education Team regularly adds new courses on TaxDome functionality. Once a new TaxDome Academy course is launched, a certified consultant is required to complete and pass the course within one month of its launch.

Here are more details about the consultant program.

How to get help from a consultant?

In case you are looking for a certificated expert who can help you with setting up the system and share best practices, just visit our consultants directory and find the one you like.

There you can also read the consultant's bio, as well as the languages they speak and their location.

Once you've chosen the appropriate consultant, just click on the Send request button to fill out the form and hire them.

After receiving consulting services, you can also give us feedback by clicking on the Leave review button.

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