Job recurrences (Advanced): Using with job templates


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Job templates  are extremely useful when setting up recurring jobs because they allow you to have all fields in jobs automatically filled in depending on the service you provide. Say, you can add a description, job title with shortcodes, wiki pages with instructions for your team members, due date based on the start date (e.g., in 14 days), and so on. Here, we will cover different ways of using them in detail:

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Using default job template with job recurrences

If you provide a common service for all clients that are added to the recurring schedule, e.g., monthly bookkeeping, you can use the default job template to provide team members with context. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new job template. Use shortcodes to automatically put specific information into the job name, such as the account name and the date of job creation. You can also add a wiki page with guidelines for your team members.
  2. Set your new job template as default in pipeline settings.
  3. Add job recurrences. Filtering them by tags makes it easier.

Once the scheduled date comes, the automatically created jobs will include all the context you provided in the default template. 

Using different job templates with job recurrences

What if your recurrent workflow differs slightly for clients that are added to the same pipeline? For example, some jobs may require fewer days to process, while others may include different instructions. 

Well, you can use different job templates for different groups of clients that are added to the same recurrence schedule. Here is how:

  1. Tag your specific client accounts to differentiate them in the workflow.
  2. Duplicate your default job template, rename and customize it, or create a new one. 
  3. Select the recurrences in Job recurrences list, click Edit link, and then select the job template. This one will override the default job template selected in pipeline settings.

Now, jobs will be created with the template specified in the individual settings for the selected recurrence.

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