Automation Examples (Basic): Auto-Uploading Documents

Let your pipelines do the work for you: automate uploading documents to client accounts during specific stages of your work process. For example, for the clients who are expected to fill out the forms, you can have documents auto-uploaded once the job is added to the pipeline.

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Step 1. Upload documents to folder template

To have documents automatically uploaded to client folders, first you’ll need a folder template containing these documents. If you don't have one, you can create one by clicking New Template when you add the automation to the pipeline.

To add documents to a folder template, when creating or editing an existing template: 

1. Drag the documents from your desktop and drop them into a folder, or click  Upload Documents, select files to upload, then select a folder.

2. Make sure to save changes by clicking Save.

Step 2. Add the "Apply Folder Template" automation to the pipeline

To add documents to your client accounts automatically, you need to ensure that you have added a folder template automation to your pipeline. To do so:

  1. Open pipeline settings, then add the Apply folder template automation to the stage, and select the folder template you have created. You will likely want to select the first stage of your pipeline or the one where you are expecting actions performed by your client (e.g, Collecting Documents).
  2. Once the job enters this stage, the folder template, along with the documents added to it, is applied to the account. All contacts linked to the account that have the Notify toggled on will receive a notification letting them know that documents have been uploaded and need their attention. You can use automated messages at the same stage to inform clients about what's happening and to communicate what you expect from them.


Note! For the Apply folder template automation, it doesn't matter if the automove jobs toggle for the stage is turned on. The automation is triggered automatically and doesn't require action either from the client or from the firm. Also, no elements are linked to the job when the automation is triggered.

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