Processing Refunds


By Mary Cooper

updated 23 days ago

Important Note: When you issue a refund, the client's TaxDome credit balance goes down. Due to QBO sync rules, we do not allow refunds greater than the amount available in client's credit balance. If you need to issue a refund for an amount greater than their current credit balance, please issue client with promotional credit first.

A refund can be issued by the firm owner or by any team member with Create Manual Payment permission.

To refund a payment:

1. Go to either Billings > Payments inside the client profile or to the Billings > Payments section.

2. Find the payment you wish to refund in the list and click on the eye icon next to it.

3. A View Payment pop-up will be displayed. Click on the Refund button in the bottom corner of the pop-up.

4. By default, the payment will be refunded in full. To refund only part of the payment, select Partial, and then enter the specific amount to be refunded. The total amount to be refunded will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

5. Specify the reason for the refund, then click ISSUE REFUND.

Refund History

Once the refund has been issued, the refund will be displayed on the Payments list.

Click on the eye icon to see additional information about a payment. The refund history of the payment will be displayed at the right of the screen.

If the payment was partially refunded and you wish to refund the rest of the payment, you can issue a new refund by following the steps described above.

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