Managing Payments

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Payments Section

TaxDome eliminates all the tricky business of managing payments by allowing you to easily access the ones you need to. You can view all payments in one place, as well as get more details about each one. Click on Billings in the blue sidebar, then go to the Payments tab to get a glance of all the payments you’ve received.

To view payments from a specific client, click on Clients in the blue sidebar, select the client, navigate to Billings, then go to the Payments tab inside the client’s profile.

Once you are in the Payments tab, you’ll see the following column names:

  • #: Each payment is given a unique number.

  • DATE: The date the payment was made.

  • AMOUNT: The amount of the payment.

  • SYNC: If you have synced TaxDome with QuickBooks, a link to the payment in QuickBooks appears in this column.

  • SOURCE: The type of payment. For example, if a client paid online with a card, Credit Card will appear in this column. If the client paid manually, Manual Credit will show up instead.

  • CLIENT: The name of the client who made the payment. You can click on the client’s name to navigate to their profile.

  • BILLS PAID: The bill number(s) for which the payment was made. Click on the number to view details of the bill.

  • REFUND: If a payment has been refunded, the amount of the refund appears in this column.

  • DESCRIPTION: Typically, a description includes payment details. For manual payments, you can also see who created the payment.

The total number of payments, the total amount paid, refund amount, and total revenue (total amount minus refund amount) are displayed at the top of the Payments window. 

When viewing a particular client’s payments page, you’ll see the dollar amount for their outstanding bills as well as their available credits.

Searching for a Payment

To search for a payment by description, type a keyword in the Search field, then hit return on your keyboard. The payments list will be narrowed accordingly.

Click the x in the Search field to clear it.

Filtering a List of Payments

Filters are useful when you need to view payments that fall under a specific category. For example, filtering allows you to quickly find all payments made in a specified year. There are three ways to filter payments:

  • By client: See only the payments from a selected client.

  • By time frame: See only the payments made during a specified year.

  • By source: See only the payments made by credit card or added manually.

To narrow a list of payments to only the ones you wish to see, click the Filter button in the top right corner of the window, select the desired filters, then click APPLY FILTER. You can apply two or more filters simultaneously. 

Once the filters are applied, the payments list will reflect your specified criteria. To clear the applied filters, click the RESET ALL button.

Viewing Payment Information in More Detail

To view more details about  a payment, click the arrow icon.

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