I Wish To Delete My TaxDome Firm Account

At TaxDome, we respect your privacy and take it seriously. You may request that your firm and related user account data be permanently deleted. A firm account can be deleted only by a firm owner.

To request permanent deletion expresses your intention to fully remove both your user account and any existing information relevant to your user account. This cannot be undone, and we won’t be able to recover any of your data. Please refer to the information below to understand what data will be deleted once you make this request:

  • All information about your clients, including their personal data, email addresses, and emails

  • All files uploaded to TaxDome

  • All information on billings, including invoices, payments, and refunds

  • All data on team members, including their personal data and email addresses

  • All tasks and pipelines you’ve created to manage your client data.

If you have no intention of using TaxDome now, or ever in the future, you may submit a request to permanently delete your account to help@taxdome.com. Please submit your request from the email address linked to your user account.

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