🧮 Bookkeeping: Configure processes in TaxDome


Coming soon! Recurring jobs videos are in the progress of being updated to reflect the new pipeline settings interface.

Here, we will tell you how to set up your bookkeeping processes in TaxDome: how to automate your workflow and create of recurring tasks/jobs.

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Goal: Map your processes, transfer them to TaxDome, and set up recurring ones.

Recommended steps: Do this right away!

  • Map your bookkeeping processes. Determine what your processes are and what steps they have. Are there common steps for different services or are there differences? For example, if you do monthly bookkeeping for some clients and quarterly for others, the steps of these services are similar. And if you also do year-end bookkeeping, the steps will be different.

  • Digitize your bookkeeping processes with TaxDome. Start by copying Full Cycle Bookkeeping pipeline from our library and edit it in accordance with your needs.
  • Set up a schedule for recurring bookkeeping jobs. There are steps that the bookkeeper takes every month, quarter and year. These are recurring jobs in pipelines – for recurring projects that are linked to a client. You can set up a schedule for each client individually or for a group of clients at once.
  • Tweak recurring jobs for different clients. If you have a monthly bookkeeping process that has similar steps for all clients, but the set of tasks for some of them is different, you may use conditional automations.

Optional steps: We offer lots more great features and examples you can explore now or later.

  • Check out the other bookkeeping pipelines. We've prepared a lot of pipelines for you to get started quickly. Copy Bookkeeping - Maintenance and Monthly Bookkeeping pipelines and try them with your test client account. 
  • Learn how to use recurring tasks. We recommend using tasks only as a complementary feature to using pipelines, for the tasks that are not the part of a bigger regular process, such as entering invoices, paying bills, making deposits, paying bills, or categorizing transactions.

Tip: Check out TaxDome Academy for a comprehensive course on using TaxDome for Bookkeepers.

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