Getting a Security Warning When Typing a www. Before Your TaxDome URL?

You’ll never get this error message when you type your address in this way: That is, you must type your URL without a www. preceding it (in other words, just your firm’s name should be followed by TaxDome uses security certificates on all firms’ URLs to protect your data. However, these security certificates don’t work when users type because of the technical limitations of how security certificates work on the Web. This issue is not TaxDome specific. When trying to access other sites with www. following a subdomain, you’ll get similar errors:

In general, using www. in your URLs has become obsolete. Technically, www. is a subdomain that once used to indicate that a site is part of the Web (i.e., not FTP, Telnet, or email). Today, you can safely omit the www. All sites work just fine without it (some sites won’t even work with it.—try or

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