Custom Website (Advanced): Add Live Chat

If you have a landing on TaxDome, a live-chat app can be easily added to all your page to turn website visitors into happy new clients as well as to provide client support. Find out how to enhance the customer-service experience by adding the Gist chat or similar one.

Here, learn how to install Gist chat; the steps are similar to adding any live-chat app. Please see this article, to learn more about adding other custom integrations..

Live chat with two support seats is included in the free Gist plan.

1. Go to the Gist signup page and create a Gist account (we'll get referral bonus if you use this link - would be much obliged). Once you are on your Gist home page, create a workspace for your website by clicking the Add Workspace button, then entering a workspace name and your domain URL.

2. Once your Gist account is all set up, go to Settings, expand the Data Tracking section on the left, click on Tracking code, then copy the code provided.

3. Now, go to TaxDome’s website builder, click the down arrow to the right of the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page, select Settings from the pull-down menu, then open the Scripts tab.

4. Paste the code to the Before <head> field, then click Apply. That’s it!

Once you paste the code, Gist starts tracking all of the user action on your website, which will show up on your Gist account. With that information, you’ll be able to:

  • Groups users based on actions or interests.
  • Create and deliver relevant email campaigns.
  • Trigger proactive messages—plus, talk to users live!
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