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Embrace the role of a Creator to share and sell templates on the Marketplace. This article provides comprehensive insights, covering everything from joining the Marketplace to the process of publishing templates and handling your taxes.

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How Marketplace works for Creators

The Marketplace allows creators to create and share templates in a simple and scalable way and get paid for selling them. It's also a new source of clients for your services.

Creators automatically receive credits for each purchase of a paid template to their Stripe account, less TaxDome and Stripe fees. TaxDome charges a 27% commission on the template price, while Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.3, so creators receive 70%.

When selling templates, addressing tax matters becomes important. To simplify this process, you can activate Stripe Tax for automatic tax calculation and collection. Additionally, customize your Stripe Tax form settings.

Before you start

To proceed with selling your templates on our Marketplace, ensure the following:

  • You are a firm owner or an employee with Manage marketplace access rights.
  • Stripe is connected to your TaxDome account.
  • You have a paid TaxDome subscription (selling templates from Marketplace is not possible for trial users).
  • You created a template in your TaxDome firm and want to list it in a Marketplace.

Registering as a Creator

To become a Creator, you need to complete the registration form. To open it, go to Templates > Marketplace and click the List your templates link to the right.

Processing your application takes up to two working days. Once approved, you will receive a notification via email.

Listing templates

Once you've been approved as a creator, you can add your templates. 

Go to  Templates > Creator hub from the left menu bar, click New listing and follow the steps below:

1. In the Category section, choose a template category from the drop-down, then select a template from your library in the Template section.

2. Describe your listing by filling out the numbered details:

  1. Name: Template name to be listed on the Marketplace.
  2. Promotional text: Short description to be placed under the template name.
  3. Description: Type in all the details about the template to display them on the template page. 
  4. Country: Select the location of firms that will be able to buy your template.
  5. Language: Choose the template's language.

3. Add multimedia content to be shown on the template page and promote your listing. This will help the users to understand if they need it. 

In the Video section, insert a video link from YouTube, Vimeo, Loom or Google Drive and click Add video. Then, click Browse Files and select photos to be added, or simply drag & drop them to the field under the Photos section.

4. Choose your pricing:

  • Free to use: Select this option to offer your template at no cost.
  • Set your price: Type in your price in the Price field to see how much you will earn as net of TaxDome and Stripe fees.

5. Upload a creator icon to represent your template across the Marketplace. Click on the icon field and select an image or drag & drop an image on the field, crop it and click Save, then click Create.

Formats allowed for uploading: png, jpeg. The file's size should be at least 64 x 64 (128 x 128 recommended).

6. Your listing will be saved as a draft (find it on the  Drafts tab of the Creator hub page). You can make more changes to it or publish it in the Marketplace right away. 

Publishing & unpublishing templates

Once you have created a new listing, you can publish it to start selling. Go to Templates > Creator hub, select the Drafts tab and click on the template you want to publish, then click Publish on the top right.

You can check your published listing on the Marketplace page from the buyer's point of view.

To unpublish your listing, go to the Published tab, click Edit on a published template, then click Unpublish on the top right.

Once done, you can view your unpublished templates in the Drafts tab of the Creator hub page.

Your listed templates

To see all your published templates, go to Templates > Creator hub. Here, you will see each template along with it's price, publishing date and category. Click on any template to see the details.

From here, you can also:

Editing listings


Note! If you make changes to a template, it will only update the template published in the Marketplace. All buyers who downloaded the template before your update, will proceed using the template version they downloaded.

To edit your template, follow these steps:

1. From the  Creator hub page, open the template and click Edit on the top right or simply click Edit right on the template.

2. Make edits you want through the steps as described above.

3. Click Update.

Deleting listings

Only unpublished templates can be deleted.

From the Drafts tab of the Creator hub page, open the template and click Delete on the top right, then Confirm deleting.

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