Companies House integration (Basic): Connect, edit, disconnect

No need to fill in all the information for your clients located in the United Kingdom, everything can be imported with our new Companies House integration! Once your account is linked, you’ll be able to synchronise all necessary custom fields for your clients. Companies House synchronisation can be enabled by a firm owner or an admin.


Note! The Companies House integration is available for firms located in the United Kingdom only.

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Before you start

Companies House is the public database that allows you to quickly fill in the CRM data about companies located in the United Kingdom. The synchronisation with this database gives you the ability to fill in all the gaps in your client accounts. To use it:
  1. Make sure you have an account custom field created for the CH number. It can be any field but it should be similar for all accounts.
  2. Select how the data from CH will match the account and contact fields in TaxDome (see below).
  3. Make sure the custom field is filled in correctly. If the company number doesn't match the required format, you will not get the info from a public database. Company numbers are always 8 characters long. These can be either 8 digits or 2 letters followed by 6 digits. Read more about adding company numbers to TaxDome.
 Once you have it, you can start the synchronisation process. All information from Companies House will be added to the mapped custom fields in the TaxDome client account:
  • Company name
  • Company status
  • Company type
  • SIC codes
  • Incorporated on
  • Next statement date
  • Next statement date due by
  • Next accounts made up to
  • Next accounts made up to due by
  • Last statement dated
  • Last accounts made up to
  • Full address
  • Company officers

Setting up Companies House connection

A firm owner or an admin can connect Companies House to TaxDome in four steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations from the left menu bar, and select the Companies House tab, then click Connect.

2. Select which Companies House account fields to sync using the dropdown in the Action column, then select the corresponding custom field in TaxDome or create a new one. Click Continue.

3. Select which Companies House contact fields to sync the same way.

4. Select whether you want new officers be added to TaxDome as new contacts or ignore them.

Once you decided what data you want to get from Companies House, make sure to fill in the company number custom field for all your accounts. Then, you will be able to quickly get data from Companies House.


Note! All matching custom fields will be mapped automatically

Edit connection

Once a Companies House connection is set up, you can edit which custom fields will be synced.

1. Go to Settings > Integrations from the left menu bar, then open the Companies House tab.

2. Click Link settings on the top right of the window:

Clicking on this link will open the synchronisation sidebar. Here you can:

  • Select whether to sync specific custom fields with Companies House fields or not. To do this, select Sync custom field or Ignore in the Action column.
  • Change the mapped TaxDome custom fields to other ones. To do this, click on the custom field name in the TaxDome column and either select another custom field or create a new one.
  • Select whether you want new officers be added to TaxDome as new contacts or ignore them.

Disabling Companies House integration

To disable syncing with Companies House entirely, go to  Settings > Integrations from the left menu bar, go to the Companies House tab, then turn off the ‘Turn on Companies House integration’ toggle in the Integration status section.


Note! Toggling the integration on and off affects whether or not you see it. All the information that has been previously synced is saved in TaxDome.

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