Jobs (Basic): Link job to jobs

When doing your regular bookkeeping jobs, you may want to see more context, e.g., what jobs have been done earlier for this or another account (for example, reporting for individuals and legal entities). This is when you may want to link one job to another.

How linking a job to other jobs works:

  • You may link the job to any other job, including those created for the other accounts.
  • A job might include as many linked jobs as you need.
  • The jobs are always cross-linked. I.e., if you linked Job A to Job B, you will see in the details for Job B that is is linked to Job A.
  • Jobs are linked to jobs by a firm owner, admin or team member with access rights to view all accounts or assigned to the account.

Here’s how you do it:

Open the job card, click + Link on the top right, select Jobs, then choose the jobs you want to link. You can link any jobs, including the archived ones.

To make your selection easier, you may filter the jobs list by clicking the FILTER on the top right.

There are different ways you can filter a jobs list:

  • Account: View the jobs for a specific account only.
  • Pipeline: View the jobs in one or several pipelines. Select a specific stage or several stages from different pipelines to further narrow down your results.

Once jobs are linked, view them in the Linked jobs section.

You’ll see the following:

  • ACCOUNT: who the job is for, whether a company (a business account) or an individual (a personal account)
  • JOB NAME: the name of the job
  • STAGE: the stage the job is in
  • Plus, click on the name of the linked job to review it and edit its details.

Click the x to unlink unnecessary jobs.

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