How to Request a New Feature I Need?


By Mary Cooper

updated 22 days ago

Your needs are a big priority, and we want to make sure your voice is heard. That’s why you always have the option to submit requests for features you think might improve your experience of TaxDome. And you can  vote on whether you think other users’ suggestions are good too. That way, you play a part in helping us decide which items are most important on your wish list.

Sending a Request for a Feature 

If there’s a feature you’d love to see added to TaxDome, send us a request:

1. Click the blue question mark icon at the top right, then select Feature Requests.

2. Type a title, then add a detailed description. The more you tell us about what you need or the problem you are trying to solve, the better!

3. You can also upload an image to make your request even clearer. Click the image icon to grab it from your desktop.


Voting for a Requested Feature

Vote for features submitted by other users to let us know if you think they would also be helpful to you:

1. Click the blue question mark icon at the top right, then select Feature Request.

2. Click the number icon next to any request  in the list. Your vote was in. 

3. Leave a comment about any of the request in the list by clicking the callout icon next to it. 

Note that the Feature Requests board is only available to paying TaxDome subscribers.

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