How to Move Your Files From SmartVault to TaxDome

If you’re struggling to get your files off the SmartVault you’re currently using for your practice and onto TaxDome, we’re here to help you expedite the process.

Step 1. Map a SmartVault Drive.

First, you need easy access to your SmartVault files via the SmartVault Drive. To set it up, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the SmartVault launchpad on your desktop by clicking the profile icon in your SmartVault portal, select MS Windows, then download the app.


Attention! If you get the Windows x64 error during the installation, download and install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 first.

2. Open the SmartVault launchpad on your desktop, click SmartVault Drive, then enter your password to map the SmartVault Drive.

Step 2. Use the TaxDome Windows Application to Move Your Files.

1. Download and install the TaxDome Windows Application by navigating to Settings, then clicking the Download Windows App link inside the Download Apps section of your TaxDome portal.

2. Use the Bulk Upload feature to move your documents from your SmartVault Drive: Click the NEW button, select Bulk Upload, then locate the parent folder on your SmartVault Drive.

The TaxDome Windows application will select the client names automatically. However, you can change any client name. If you have folders for clients who haven’t yet been added to TaxDome, click Create New in the account list to create a TaxDome account for them. Read more on how to use the Bulk Upload here.

3. Click UPLOAD FILES to add your documents to TaxDome.

Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop files and folders one by one from your SmartVault Drive to the TaxDome Drive. Read more on how the TaxDome Drive works here.

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