How Do I Get a Document From My Tax Program to TaxDome?

We offer plenty of ways to get a document from your tax program to TaxDome. You can save your files directly to client’s folder via TaxDome Drive, print to TaxDome app, or send to TaxDome with right-click.

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To be able to save your documents to TaxDome without using your browser, you will need to install our desktop application. You can download it from the Settings section of your portal.

Once installed, please connect TaxDome drive when prompted.

Now, you have three ways to do it:

Option 1. Saving Your Docs Directly to the Client Folder

So, the first and simplest way of getting а document from your tax program (such as Proseries or Drake) or from your scanning software to TaxDome is to save it directly to the client folder in the TaxDome drive. It's a drive, just like any other disk on your computer, except that it's connected directly to TaxDome (and not taking any space on your PC). Each client has their own folder on that drive and you can put files there just like any other folder on your computer.

Option 2. Printing to TaxDome

Secondly, after desktop application is installed, you will have a TaxDome printer driver. So, you can print from your tax program or any application of your choice right to TaxDome. That will bring up a screen where you are asked to indicate what client the file is for and you can provide additional details about the file there (such as lock to an invoice or ask for client approval). Click the UPLOAD FILES button, and you’re done.

Option 3. Sending Files to TaxDome

Thirdly - you can right-click on any file or several files on your computer and select  Send to TaxDome. That will bring up the same dialog where you indicate what client it is for and select extra optional parameters. Click the UPLOAD FILES button to send your selected files to TaxDome.

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