IRS Integration: Troubleshooting

Sometimes the IRS may send you errors in response to your transcripts request. We will tell you about the issues you may face, explain how to check the errors, and offer possible solutions.

Reminder, in order to request a transcript, you need a Centralized Authorization File (CAF) number, and you must have authorization through Form 2848, Power of Attorney or Form 8821, Tax Information Authorization. If you do not have those forms on file with the IRS, you will receive an 'unauthorized" error. We will cover this and other possible IRS errors below.

Covered here:

Requesting the error log

As all errors come directly from the IRS, TaxDome shows them in a separate CSV file. To view the log, follow these steps: 

1. Go to the  Docs tab in the client account, then select the IRS subtab and click the Request log link. The CSV file will be downloaded to your device in a moment.

Also, once your transcript request is completed, you will automatically receive an email notification with the CSV file attached.

The error log content, explained

In the error log you will find the following info:

  • Contact name: the contact you selected when requesting the transcript
  • TIN: Taxpayer Identification Number (SSN or EIN) you entered when requesting the transcript
  • Requested at: the date of transcript request
  • Product type: the type of transcript
  • Form number: the number of the requested form
  • Year: the tax year of items in the transcript
  • Month: the tax period month selected when requesting transcripts
  • Request result: the IRS feedback containing the issue with your request (the section below has more details)
  • Error message: explanation of the error that has occurred

Transcript issues

Here is the list of possible issues in the Request result column of your error log:

  • "not_found" - This transcript doesn't exist at the IRS
  • "authentication_error" - You used an incorrect Full User ID when setting up the connection with the IRS. For details, go to the connecting manual.
  • "access_denied" - You did not grant access when setting up the connection with the IRS. For details, go to the connecting manual.
  • "ignored" - You tried to request the same transcript twice on the same day
  • "unauthorized" - The organization you use has no authorization for the requested transcript
  • "error" - Unrecognized issue. Please try to request the transcript again.
  • "invalid_request" - Your request did not meet the requirements for the "Legal first name," "Legal last name," "Business name in IRS" or "Years" fields in the Request the IRS transcript sidebar. Please consult our article on requesting transcripts and try again.
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