Join the Early Access Program

The early access program is a rollout of new features designed specifically for early adopters who want to help ensure that the final release is most beneficial to the wider TaxDome community. Early access program firms will receive new features before they are rolled out to all firms. This is not a beta program—all features that are sent to the early access program are considered ready for production.

To opt in to the early access program, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Firm Settings tab in your Settings.
  2. Toggle on Get early access to features in the Early access section:

Once you opt in to the program, you will automatically receive early access feature releases to your portal, no additional steps required. 

We strongly recommend you join our early access Facebook community. That is where we post updates, and where you can provide your feedback to the product team. Click the link in the description to open the community. If you encounter a bug, please fill out a bug report.

You can opt out of the early access program if you decide that it is not right for you. To do this, disable the Get early access to features toggle.


Note! The enrollment is on a firmwide basis, not available for individual users. By enrolling in this program, your entire firm will participate.

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