How to View a Task’s History in Messages (Audit Trail)

You’ll always be able to find out what has happened with a task in your messages. TaxDome’s Task Audit Trail allows you to track when someone has...

  • ...added a client task to a message.
  • ...deleted a client task from a message.
  • ...marked a client task as completed.

To view a task’s history in a message: Go to Messages in the client’s profile, click on the three-dots icon to the far right of the message’s title or inside the message itself, then click Task Audit Trail.

In the Audit Trail window, you’ll see the following:

  • ACCOUNT NAME: the name of the entity, whether a personal or non-personal account.     

  • USER: the first and last name and email address of the user who made changes to the client task.

  • EVENT: what has happened with the task.

  • SERVER TIME: the time (in UTC) the event took place on TaxDome.   

  • CLIENT TIME: the time (in UTC) in the user’s location when the event took place. (The difference between UTC and the user’s location time is also displayed.)

  • IP ADDRESS: the IP address of the user who made changes.

  • BROWSER: the browser used when the event took place.

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