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Work in progress! This feature is incomplete and currently available for Beta users. Docs on using the Reporting tool are being prepared.

With TaxDome Reporting, you can manage all your reports in one place. Utilize the search function to access them swiftly, apply tags to filter reports by specific labels and more.

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Reports list

To view all your saved reports on one page, navigate to Reporting > Reports from the left menu bar:

On the Reports page, you’ll see the following columns:

  • Name: displays the name of the report.
  • Tags: displays any tags associated with the report. Click on a tag to filter reports by that tag.
  • Modified: indicates the last time the report was edited.
  • Author: indicates the creator of the report, whether a team member or TaxDome.

Attention! Currently the All tab of the Reports page doesn't show reports saved by your team members. We are working hard on fixing that. To see reports saved by your team, please use the All tab on the Reporting > Overview page instead.

Sorting your Reports list

Click on the  NameModified and Author column names to sort your Reports list.

Searching reports

You can search for a specific Report from the Reporting > Reports page. To do so, type a keyword in the search field on the top right.

Tagging reports

The Reports list can be filtered using Reporting tags. Currently, we offer four reporting tags:

  • Invoices & Payments
  • Made by TaxDome
  • Time Entries
  • Workflow

Applying & deleting tags

To assign the reporting tag to the report, select your reports and click Apply Tag on the top left.

To delete a tag from a report, hover your mouse over the tag and click X to the right.

Filtering reports by tag

To view only reports with specific label:

  • Select a tag from the Select tag dropdown at the top right of your Dashboards list.

  • Click any tag in your Reports list.


Note! Reporting tags are different from the common Tags used in all other parts of TaxDome. You cannot create or edit them.

Adding reports to favorites

When you have a big team, you can have different approaches to the reporting. Thus, you can add the Reports you use frequently to the Favorites tab. Each team member has their own list of favorites.

To add the Report to favorites, click the star icon to the right of the Report name.


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