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What’s happening with a document or message now that you’ve sent it to the client? TaxDome's Status feature lets you know at a glance with color-coded tags. Statuses help you prioritize your work and know when it’s your turn to take charge. Learn all about statuses on TaxDome Lite.

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Chat Thread Statuses

These statuses keep you up-to-date on all active and unread chat threads. View them in the Clients section.

What the chat thread statuses mean:

  • Active: The chat thread is still ongoing. To avoid clutter, archive or delete it once you and the client have finished the exchange.
  • Unread: This means at least one message in a chat thread hasn’t yet been opened and read.

Clicking on the status of a chat takes you to the chat thread. Filter accounts by chat status: For more details, go here.

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