🏁 TaxDome Lite: Onboarding Checklist For Your First Week With TaxDome


This page is for TaxDome Lite users only. If you use TaxDome Pro, please switch to this article.

Hi, TaxDome user. Welcome! Here, we guide you through the step-by-step process of getting your practice up and running on TaxDome. Learn all the basics here to get started right away.

Review each step below, then complete the required actions on your portal.

Covered here:

  1. Set Up Your CRM
  2. Client Communication Essentials

Set Up Your CRM


Goal: To have all your clients’ information on TaxDome.

Recommended steps: Do this right away!

  1. Know the difference between accounts and contacts. An account is an entity; a contact, a person. You handle accounts on TaxDome: Some might be personal accounts, others business accounts. The actual people (aka clients) who have accounts on TaxDome are identified by contacts: that is, a first and last name and email address.
  2. Prepare your client list for import. Get all your clients on TaxDome by importing their data from a CSV file. Most tax softwares and email platforms will generate a CSV file.
  3. Import your CSV file to TaxDome. Once the CSV file is prepared, you’re ready to transfer your client data to TaxDome.
  4. Invite your clients to TaxDome. Send your clients invitations to use their TaxDome portal. They’ll be able to complete tax organizers, share important documents, pay invoices, view their payment history, stay informed about upcoming deadlines, answer questions and more—all in one spot.

Optional steps: We offer lots more great features you’ll want to explore.

  • Create tags: Think: What do your clients have in common? Then create a tag for each group. You can immediately start applying tags while you import. Later, they’ll come in handy to filter your lists (Bookkeeping, Return, Monthly, Quarterly, etc.).
  • Create/edit a default folder template: If you use a custom folder structure for your clients’ documents, set that up on TaxDome before importing your clients.
  • Set up custom fields: Fill in your accounts and contacts with any extra information. For example, Zip Code for accounts or Birthday for clients. Use that info as shortcodes in messages, emails and other entities to save time and add a personal touch.
  • Introduce TaxDome to your clients: Check out our great tips and templates.

Client Communication Essentials


Goal: A beautiful and flawless workflow with your team.

Recommended steps: Do this right away!

  1. Discover how Docs work. Each client account has a Docs tab where their documents are stored. Check out everything inside that tab!
  2. Learn how to request an e-signature. E-signatures allow your clients to sign their prepared documents and forms straight from their TaxDome portal. One or more clients can e-sign a document.
  3. Start using secure messaging. Our Chats feature allows you to securely communicate with clients and team members in real time. Use Chats to schedule appointments or ask clients for missing documents or anything else you need from them.

Optional steps: We offer lots more great features you’ll want to explore.

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