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Inbox+ isn’t just for browsing through email. It’s where you start and finish your projects, receive important notifications, create tasks, view documents and messages, save attachments, download and more, with everything on a single easy-to-navigate page. 

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Inbox+ Notifications

You receive a notification in your  Inbox+ whenever something takes place on TaxDome. You’ll also be able to tell when someone else has read it.

By default, you get a notification when...

  • A client registers on their own via the SIGN UP link.
  • A client uploads a document to their portal, the app or a file request link.
  • A client opens a document.
  • A client approves a document.
  • A client disapproves a document.
  • A client signs a document.
  • A client declines to sign a document.
  • A client sends a new message.
  • A client replies to a chat thread.
  • A client uploads or attaches a document to a chat thread.

In the left sidebar, the circle displayed to the right of Inbox+ shows how many new notifications you have. Red indicates they have not yet been reviewed.

Once you open Inbox+, the red circle becomes green. This indicates that you still have notifications in your Inbox+ that you need to look at.

The circle disappears when all your notifications have been checked off as Archived (see below).

Taking Care of Notifications

Notifications are displayed in chronological order so the most recent is on the top.

How to manage notifications:

  • Open a notification to get more info: Click on the notification bar to expand it; click again to minimize it.

  • Go to a client’s account: Click on the account name.

  • Go to a chat, email, organizer or document: Click the go-to icon (the blue square with an arrow) in the far right of the notification bar.

  • View and/or download a document: Click on the file’s name to open it.

  • Archive a notification: Click Archive (the green checkmark) to move it to the Archived tab.

  • Restore a notification: If you clicked Archive by mistake, you can always restore a notification. Navigate to the Archived tab, select the notification you want to restore, then click Restore (the green arrow) on the bottom left of the expanded notification bar. It will then return to the Inbox+ tab.

  • Perform bulk actions with notifications: To mark notifications as done or to restore all of them or several at once, select the checkbox at the top of the list or the checkboxes next to the required documents, then click Archive or Restore.

By default, the notification list displays 25 notifications per page. To change that, select the number you prefer in the Rows per page menu at the bottom left of the page.

Chat Notifications

You’ll receive notifications in your  Inbox+ about all events happening in the chats for your accounts. These notification include...

  • ...the event type (client created a new thread, replied to it or updated the task list).
  • ...the chat name and link to the thread.
  • ...the name of the person who created the thread or updated it.

Expand the notification box to see the last message in the thread, author and list of client tasks (if any).

How chat notifications work:

  • A chat thread has one corresponding notification (it updates as new events occur).
  • You receive a notification whenever a client sends a new message to your firm or replies to an existing thread.
  • When anyone replies to a thread or makes changes to client tasks, the notification is updated and moves to the top.
  • Once a notification is archived, it moves out of the To Do list.

System Notifications

System messages pop up when an automatic task cannot be performed. To view all system notifications in your Inbox+, apply the System filter (for detailed instructions, see Filtering Notifications below). Learn how to troubleshoot system notifications here:

Filtering Notifications

Filters help narrow your notifications list. For example, find all notifications about clients who have registered on their own. To learn more about filters, go here.

To filter a notifications list:

1. Click  Filter.

2. Use filtering by account name and/or notification type (documents, chats, signatures, new accounts and system notifications). Apply one or several. The selected filters remain the same when you leave and reopen the page.

3. Click Apply


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