Docs Section Overview

By Mary Cooper

updated 10 days ago

The Docs section contains all of the files that are related to your clients. To access this information, go to Clients, click on a client's name, and then navigate to the Docs tab. There are five tabs available here:

  • Client Uploaded - Files that were uploaded to TaxDome by the client.
  • We Prepared - Documents prepared for the client by your firm.
  • Source Files - Reference documents needed for tax preparation (tax rules, forms, etc.). This section is not visible to the client.
  • Approvals - Once the client has paid their bill, they may download the documents that your firm has prepared for them, review them, and either approve or disapprove them. Information regarding the status of a document is available here.
  • Tax Organizers - Here you will find tax questionnaires that have been provided by the client. This is an easy and convenient way to quickly get answers to basic questions regarding the client’s tax situation. 

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