🔧 Assistance: I Want You to Transfer Files to TaxDome


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Fill out the form to transfer all your files from another system to TaxDome Portal with the help of professionals. We understand how underwhelming this might seem, so we are ready to help. We did it a thousand times and we know the most optimized ways of transferring data from any system to our portal. 

Follow these steps:

1. Gather all client files in a single data storage location. For example, in one folder. We should see the files in one place to transfer them all.

2. Check that folder titles in your current system match clients' Account names in TaxDome. If the client's Account name does not exist in your TaxDome portal, the folders won’t be copied, backed up or moved over by our team.


Attention! We strongly recommend creating a backup of your cloud-stored files on your physical hard drive. It will be very useful in case something goes wrong.

3. Prepare credentials for the TaxDome portal and your old storage platform, from where you want us to transfer clients' documents. You will safely pass login and password to us via OnetimeSecret. Enter your credentials (1), and secret phrase (2), then click Create a secret link (3). Copy the tab with the link for step four.

4. Fill out the File transfer form and wait for the customer support response via email. Usually, it happens within one business day.

Our customer support person will securely log into your storage platform, and copy all the data to your TaxDome Portal.

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