Hiding Billings


By Mary Cooper

updated about 2 months ago

You can use the Hide Billings feature to disable TaxDome’s billing management and QuickBooks integration so that your clients cannot see or settle pending bills within TaxDome.  

To do so, go to Settings, select Payments, turn on the Hide Billings from Client toggle under Preferences, click PROCEED, then click SAVE

Please note: Generally, our clients  settle their bills directly on TaxDome. Thus, they don’t use QuickBooks to bill clients. At TaxDome, we offer QuickBooks integration. When a firm uses it, bills and payments are automatically sent to QuickBooks, and your clients receive an email notification for a new bill.

You can switch back to the TaxDome billing management system at any time. Go to Settings, select Payments, turn off the Hide Billings from Client toggle under Preferences, then click SAVE.

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