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Also, the client may create an account on their own by using your firm's TaxDome URL.

Inviting Clients to TaxDome

To invite a client, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Clients, then click the blue Create Client button.

2. Fill in the client registration form. First, select account type. There are two client account types in TaxDome:

  • Personal
  • Non-personal, i.e. organizations.

By default, Personal account type is selected, thus, if you have no intention of adding a firm, you don’t need to change this. Also, there is no need to fill in the Account Name for personal accounts. 

3. Enter the client’s personal details: first name, middle name, last name, and e-mail. Click on the More (optional) link if you would like to add additional client details, such as the client’s phone number and street address. Once you've entered a valid zip code, the city and state are automatically populated by the system. 

Note: You may add personal details later.

4. Select the Include a personalized message check box if you would like to add a special note to the user, then enter the text. 

5. Click Create User Account. Once the client’s account has been created, the system will send them an activation request by email. In order to activate their account, the client must accept the request and create a password. Until they have activated their account, clients will be visible but marked as “Pending Activation.” You can view which of your clients have not yet activated their accounts and resend invitations by navigating to the Clients > Pending Activation tab.

Creating New Accounts for Existing Users

Sometimes, you may need to create several client profiles for one user (for example, account for organization they work in, personal account, etc.).

Using the same email for several client profiles is allowed in our system. However, if you’re adding a new user with email that is already in use, you will get a notification. Click Allow to grant the existing user access to a new client profile. They will be able to switch between profiles when they log in. 

Creating Client Accounts Manually (For clients without email addresses)

If a client has not provided you with their email address, you can add them to the system manually. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to Clients, then click the green Create Client button.

2. Enter the client's personal details like first name, middle name, and last name, then select the User does not have an email check box.

3. Click the Create User Account button. Clients whose accounts are created manually do not need to activate their accounts. However, clients whose accounts are created manually will not be able to login to their account themselves unless you add login credentials to their account.

To add client login credentials:

  1. Go to Clients, then click on the name of the client for whom you would like to add login credentials.

2. Click on the Edit login details icon, then enter the client’s email and password. The password should have at least 8 characters, one capital letter, and one number. Enter the password twice to confirm it, then click Save.

Note: You may use a nonexistent email address, but we don’t recommend this. Although the client could log in to their account, they wouldn’t receive messages from TaxDome or be able to retrieve a forgotten password.

You may now provide the client with their login credentials. To access their account, they should enter their email and password at Your TaxDome Portal URL (i.e.

Adding Organizations as Clients

If you’re dealing with organizations rather than with individual clients, you can also add them to TaxDome. 

  1. Create a new client as described above, then select Non-personal account type. 

2. Enter the organization name as the Account Name, then fill in the rest of the details as described above.

3. You can also enter credentials of a contact person (although this is optional).
4. Click Create User Account

Importing A Client List

If you have a lot of clients, it may be easier to add them to TaxDome all at once. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to Clients, then click on Import Client List.

2. Click the Download Template button and save the Excel file to your computer (please see How to specify where files are downloaded).

3. Open the file and enter your clients’ details, then save the file. If the client doesn't have an email you can leave this field blank.

4. Select the Include a personalized message check box if you want to change the invite letter template, then add your message. 

5. Click Select the Populated Excel File, then upload the file and click Next
6. Check the results page. If any sending errors occur, you'll see them show up on the Clients Failed to Import list. Click on the arrow to explore the details.

7. Click Finish Import. The clients are now added to the All Clients list.

Client Import History

All information on your imports can be found on the Client Import tab. Navigate to Last Import Details tab to review last import details In case you've closed your import tab. 

Moreover, we store information about all your imports on Import History tab. Here you can search among all clients you've tried to import. Click Success to see only successfully imported clients. Click Failure to filter all clients that were not imported due to errors. You can review the errors, fix them and repeat your import again. 


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