Creating a Bill


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Creating a Bill

A bill can be created by a firm owner or any team member who has either been assigned to the account or has been given access rights to View all clients.

Create a bill in TaxDome by following these steps:

1. Click the + NEW button in the left sidebar, select Bill from the pull-out menu, then find the client account you would like to bill. You will see your five most recent clients in a list on the pop-up window. If you don’t see the client account you are looking for, type their name, ID, or email address in the search field. 

Note: If the bill you’re creating is for a different client account than the one you originally chose, you can select the correct one in the Create New Bill pop-up that follows (See how).

2. Select the date that the bill needs to be issued. You can issue a bill for a past date, a current date, but not a future date.

3. Enter the amount of the bill. Select Sales Tax (HST or VAT depending on your currency settings) to automatically add tax to the bill. Once the sales tax has been added, you’ll see it reflected in the bill-amount total.

Note: To speed up the process of creating bills, you can set the default tax rate in Settings by going to Payments

4. The invoice number is automatically generated by TaxDome. However, you can always set a custom one (see below for details)

5. By default, the person creating the bill will receive the payment for it. However, you can select another team member to receive the payment.

6. If a client account has enough TaxDome credits to cover the bill, it will be automatically marked as paid. However, you can clear the Settle bill with client credits checkbox if needed. Note: You cannot lock documents to a bill that has already been paid.

7. For all bills that are not marked as paid, clients receive invoice notifications by email. If you don’t want to notify a client account about the bill by email, clear the Send email invoice to the client checkbox.

8. Add a description (up to 150 characters) outlining what is included in the bill.

9. Turn on the Reminders toggle to send an email notification to the client if they do not settle the bill within three—or a specified number of—days (see below for details).

10. Click the SUBMIT button to create the bill.

Setting Up a Reminder for a Bill

While creating a bill, you can turn on the Reminders toggle. This way, the client will be sent a reminder to settle the bill if it has not been paid within a certain amount of days; the default number of days is three, but you can change the number and the amount of reminders you want to be sent out: 

  • Inactivity Threshold, Days: This is the number of days before an inactive client is sent a reminder. By default, the reminder is sent three days after a bill is created, but you can change this to a number you prefer.

  • Limit to: This is the number of reminders TaxDome sends to the client. By default, the client gets only one reminder email, but you can change this to a number you prefer.


Reminders stop once a bill has been settled.

How an Invoice Number Is Generated

  • You can set the invoice number manually when you create a bill. If you leave the field empty, it is automatically generated by TaxDome. 

  • The invoice number will be sent to QuickBooks if you have set up sync.
  • You will be able to edit the invoice number later. It will be automatically updated in QuickBooks if you have set up sync.
  • Each invoice inside your firm has an unique number. That is, the firm cannot have two or more invoices with the same number. 
  • When automatically generated, the number of an invoice is the number that follows the previous invoice number.  
  • If you manually created invoice numbers, the system will use the next available number when generating a new invoice. 

Switching Client Accounts While Creating a Bill

Usually, you select the client account before creating a bill. However, if you selected the wrong client account, you can still switch to the right one:

  • If you clicked + NEW button and then selected Bill while inside a client’s profile, you probably are looking to create a bill for that client. That’s why the next step will be creating a bill without the client-selection option. 

  • If you mistakenly selected the wrong client account, you can still choose another client account when the Create New Bill pop-up appears. Click on the client account name at the top of the window. You’ll see a list containing your five most recent clients. If the one you are looking for does not appear there, type their name, ID, or email into the search field.

What Your Client Sees When You Create a Bill

Your client can view unpaid bills in the Home section of their portal or by clicking the link in their email notification. 

You can access a Read-Only View of the Client Account Portal to experience TaxDome from the client’s side.

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