Signing In


By Mary Cooper

updated 22 days ago

To work within our system, first you’ll need to sign in to your account. With your firm account, you will be able to create bills and receive payments for your services online, add team members, upload documents for your clients, track progress of your projects, and more. 

1. Navigate to your firm’s TaxDome URL (e.g. or to your custom domain (see here how to add your domain/subdomain to your TaxDome account).

2. Enter your email address and your TaxDome password. 

3. Decide for how long you want to stay signed in. Default setting is 8 hours, however you can decrease your session to 4 hours or 30 minutes. 

4. Click SIGN IN.

Please reset your password if you have troubles signing in. For security reasons, your account will be blocked for 30 minutes if you enter incorrect credentials 10 times in a row.

5. If you enabled Two-Factor Authentication in your account, you will also need to verify your identity by entering an authentication code. Open Google Authenticator or similar application on your smartphone, then enter a provided code.

Note that the code in Google Authenticator changes every 30 seconds, so if it is not accepted by TaxDome, enter the new one you see in the app.

If for some reason you can't use Google Authenticator or similar application, please use No access to application? link to contact our support.

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